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When Do I Use 'Whom' Instead of 'Who'?

“Who” is a 1st-person subjective pronoun that completes/does the action. “Whom” is a 3rd-person objective pronoun that is the object of the verb (action) or preposition.

Here is a quick trick to use when figuring out whether to use “who” or “whom”: If you can substitute “he” (another 1st-person pronoun), then use “who,” and if you can substitute “him” (another 3rd-person pronoun), then use “whom.” For example, “Who holds the key?” (doing the action) versus “Give the key to whom?” (receiving the action). Although “whom” sometimes sounds awkward when speaking, it should be used properly when writing.

Contact me if you need more information on how to use proper grammar!

- Christa


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