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The Client Value Approach

To bring clients what is most important to them, All About Writing proves and upholds its values through the Client Value Approach.

Unique to All About Writing, these critical key factors differentiate Christa’s offering from the competition, define high-quality work that is expected, and guide each project from concept through completion.



With All About Writing, Christa provides each client with time to get to know them personally, understand their goals, outline their specific project, and addresses any concerns at the onset and throughout the project.

Each client is provided with top-tier, 5-star customer service with goal alignment and uninterrupted attention.


Due to the nature of the projects handled by All About Writing, professionalism is of utmost importance.

Christa ensures each client project is delivered with integrity, reliability, consistency, and discretion while adhering to the best practices of academic and professional integrity.



Before the start of any project, a relationship built on trust and common ground is established between Christa and each client.

All About Writing asks questions in a relaxed but effective client interview designed project and writing strategies to generate the highest quality product.

In addition to the final product, clients are given a full explanation of the process, along with guidance and transparent communication throughout to empower them throughout the process and beyond.



Nothing makes Christa’s day more than her clients achieving their goals.
With All About Writing’s consulting services, each client comes with a specific end goal, and through the client onboarding process and interviewing, that goal becomes Christa’s.

As if she were assimilating into her client while maintaining her professionalism and expertise in writing, Christa completes each project with commitment and passion.


All About Writing knows that clients are more than a few sheets of paper or learning sessions. Every individual is unique, and their story requires more than just a textbook template or rote learning approach. 

That’s why Christa never uses templates, generic content, or workbooks. She implements optimal writing strategies rooted in expertise and experience to create customized, client-focused content and learning strategies that guide clients to effectively achieve their goals.



Each client of All About Writing is part of the entire process.

As such, client feedback is incorporated throughout each project to ensure the client is empowered to achieve success in the best way possible.

Learn How the Client Value Approach
Can Work For You

See the difference of working with Christa at All About Writing and learn how each piece of the Client Value Approach brings a tailored experience to each client.

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