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The Client Value Approach

To bring clients what is most important to them, All About Writing proves and upholds its values through the Client Value Approach.

Unique to All About Writing, these critical key factors differentiate Christa’s consultative writing services from the competition, define the level of high-quality work that is expected, and guide each project from concept through completion.



With All About Writing, Christa prioritizes getting to know each unique client to understand their goals, outline their specific project, and addresses any concerns at the onset and throughout the project. This is achieved through client consultations, in-depth intakes, explanation of services, and transparent communication.


Professionalism is of utmost importance as each client receives Christa's undivided attention from their initial inquiry forward.

Service is provided with integrity, reliability, consistency, transparency, and discretion while adhering to academic and professional best practices.



From your inquiry forward, All About Writing's consultative approach cultivates a client relationship built on teamwork, communication, and a shared goal. Christa asks questions in a relaxed yet professional and goal-oriented manner to enourage dialogue and feedback.



Nothing makes Christa’s day more than her clients achieving their goals. Each All About Writing client comes with an individualized set of needs, strengths, and expectations that inform their unique path to success. Clear, realistic, and attainable goals are established as a sturdy anchor of accountability throughout the process.


Clients are individuals who deserve more than a one-size-fits-all approach. Christa never uses templates or generic content throughout her strategic, customized, and client-focused writing solutions. Pricing is also based on the scope of each project so clients only pay for what they need.




As an integral part of All About Writing's on-going success, each client's feedback is invaluable to  their own goal achievement. Client feedback also informs Christa's reflective business practices so All About Writing can continue to provide optimal customer service aligned with current industry trends.

Learn How the Client Value Approach
Can Work For You

Benefit from working with Christa at All About Writing instead of the competition and learn how the Client Value Approach brings a tailored experience to your project.

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