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Resume Writing Services


Job seekers and professionals looking to excel their careers are under pressure to keep up with an ever-changing job market, driven by virtual roadblocks such as application tracking systems, online algorithms, and intense competition.

Getting an interview opportunity requires a resume designed to satisfy applicant tracking system criteria, then catch the attention of recruiters and decision-makers within 7 seconds.

All About Writing's career writing services include:

  • Resume and curricula vitae (CVs): For new-hires, professionals, and C-level executives, All About Writing services the following sectors and more: business management, operations management, administration, project management, program coordination, human resources, sales/marketing, customer service/relations, finance, communications, law enforcement, education, military, government, tech/IT, contracting, and the trades...whether entering the workforce, competing for a promotion, or transitioning to a new career or company.

  • Resume rewrites 

  • Student and recent graduate resumes (discounted pricing to jumpstart your career)

  • Bios (short and long versions)

  • LinkedIn profiles

  • Cover letters

  • References lists

  • Post-interview thank you letters


All About Writing offers professional resume writing services to clients in Monmouth and Ocean counties in Central New Jersey, as well as remote resume writing services.


Pricing is project-specific and package and other discounts are available. Services include a detailed information intake, initial consultation, on-going communication, client feedback, client revisions to the draft, and editable final document the client can update independently as needed. Resumes are accompanied by a resume tips list. Formatting and content are aligned with applicant tracking system (ATS) scans.

Why choose All About Writing for your resume and career advancement?


With a market dependent on tight competition in a digitally-driven arena, hopeful job hunters turn to LinkedIn and online job search platforms to identify the best way to position their skills and experience.

When using an online resume writing service, the first options that pop up are often big churners with low price points and immediate turnaround times. While it sounds enticing at first, this option usually comes along with inexperienced writers and undeliverable guarantees, leaving clients with a perceived solution that will not actually yield the desired results.

What clients need is exactly what All About Writing provides: an experienced, consultative resume writer with expertise in individualized and custom-written resume services that break through applicant tracking system scans to capture the attention of busy recruiters and beat the competition.

Christa pays great attention to aligning clients’ professional achievements and expertise with future career goals after asking targeted questions presented in a thorough initial intake and phone, digital conferencing, or in-person consultation in Central New Jersey. Transparent, on-going writer-client communication is one of the most essential parts of Christa's writing process.

Using her decades of resume writing expertise and current industry knowledge, Christa chooses which resume format best serves each of her client’s needs; she then decides which accomplishments and relevant information to highlight to put the client's best foot forward. All About Writing knows the value of the cliche "first impressions last."

Reach out today for a customized price quote for All About Writing’s resume writing services and to start the process of repositioning your experience to excel your career. Package pricing and discounts may apply.

Writing samples are provided during the consultation.

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