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Do I Need a Cover Letter with my Resume or CV?

Short answer: Yes!

Introducing your resume with a cover letter conveys a detail-oriented, professional applicant who is willing to go the extra step. It also serves as the perfect platform to include or explain any relevant information or extenuating circumstances that do not belong on the resume itself, such as a career change or lapses in employment.

Here is where you connect your assets to the specific company and position at hand. You can also mention a few details that you find impressive about the company to show you have done your research about them and their work culture. A cover letter provides potential employers with a writing sample on your behalf.

You may also have to fill out a resume questionnaire.

Although we are the experts in crafting a winning resume for you, YOU are the expert in providing us with specific details about your job history, accomplishments, and other areas of relevant information. By jotting down dates, positions, and prior experiences before we meet in person, you are maximizing the benefits of our time together. It also you to review documents, check quantifiable results, and recall previous experiences at your own pace.

Once you have laid out the preliminary information, we can use our consultation time to delve deeper into areas that should be highlighted and expand on your initial intake. The questionnaire is just the first round of information-gathering, kind of like a map charting where we will need to go together to generate accurate, detailed content that aligns you with your career goals.

With the basic information laid out, we can then ask further, targeted questions that will help develop effective strategies to improve your presentation. For clients who would like help completing the questionnaire, we can always tackle it together in person or speak over the phone.

Let's get started on crafting a new resume designed to showcase your skills and talents.

- Christa


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