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How Do One-on-One Consultations Work with Christa?

Updated: May 10

By now, you've noticed that a lot of the work is not done by Christa alone. You are an integral part of the resume process, and your input is important to ensure we have crafted the right solution for you.

At the in-person, phone, or remote video consultation (free with certain services), clients benefit from presenting their questions and concerns. We will go through your detailed responses and discuss the effective strategies we will implement to achieve your goals.

I also share the knowledge and expertise I've have cultivated through industry research and years of experience.

Meeting one-on-one allows for candid communication; we can ask the appropriate questions that, in turn, will generate comprehensive information. Clients learn what we propose to do to get the job done as effectively as possible and why we make these choices. In addition, it is nice to know who you are hiring and working with!

With All About Writing, clients are never rushed or made to feel like anything less than our top priority. We can achieve the same thoroughness and clarity over the phone or through Zoom, at the client’s convenience.

Let's schedule your one on one today - contact me!

- Christa


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