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Achieving Career Success with a Resume and Daily Accomplishments

As 2018 comes to a close and the fresh start of a new year arrives, many of our new year’s resolutions target professional growth and success. With some pre-planning and foresight now, your vision of career advancement in 2019 can become a reality through an effective resume and positive daily work activities.

Have Your Resume Ready to Go!

At the heart of earning a promotion at your current company or career progression with a new company rests an effective resume. First impressions last, and the 6-second window your resume has to capture a potential employer’s interest functions much like an effective, attention-grabbing advertisement. Every word counts!

You should always be prepared with a current, polished resume that is ready to go should a promotion or job opportunity arise, as making a boss or potential employer wait for you to deliver can translate into a negative reflection on you as a professional. It can also mean missing the small window of time available to apply or failing to capitalize on a chance to edge out the competition prior to the job being posted to the masses, should you be referred by a colleague or common connection.

Even if you are content where you are and do not plan to actively pursue a new job, an unforeseen circumstance or spur-of-the-moment opportunity can arise at any time…so be prepared with a finished resume that is updated and ready-to-go at a moment’s notice.

A winning resume must score points in content, organization, and presentation. This includes infusing your resume with quantified outcomes, achievements, deliveries, and specific project details. Make sure your resume contains plenty of action verbs, presents streamlined content, and includes information on your technology proficiencies, professional associations, training, and aptitudes. It should also address applicant tracking system (ATS) formatting and key word alignment.

Lay the Building Blocks for Future Success, One Day at a Time!

Laying the groundwork for career advancement happens over time. Give your current or future boss plenty to notice through your work performance. This includes…

  • Delivering on independent and team goals as a leader and collaborator

  • Supporting leadership in attaining their goals without seeking praise

  • Presenting yourself as a communicator, problem-solver, and solutions innovator

  • Pursuing opportunities for further training, certifications, and education

  • Compiling a current, as-you-go list of your accomplishments, contributions, and deliveries with quantified results for self-assessment and documentation

  • Assessing your own performance, identifying your weaknesses, and planning strategies for improvement on a regular basis; accepting constructive feedback from your boss and colleagues

  • Participating in group activities that extend beyond work and job responsibilities

  • Expressing your desire to participate in specific projects and initiatives

  • Being positive and motivated no matter the task and keeping your cool when challenges arise

  • Offering help and support to co-workers without self benefit

  • Knowing and aligning with the company’s mission and vision

  • Avoiding office gossip, complaining, and controversy

  • Working beyond your job capacity and business hours to exceed demands

  • Networking and forming solid professional relationships online and in person

  • Staying abreast of industry advancements, trends, and news

All About Writing is here to help with your resume writing needs. In addition, we also extend related services such as resume updates, cover letters, post-interview thank-you letters, references lists, bios, CVs, and LinkedIn profiles to help you shine in the professional arena. We assist with every phase of the process, from assessing your strengths and brainstorming strategies through to writing, revising, streamlining, and proofreading content.

Our in-person consultations and commitment to clear, on-going communication are extremely beneficial in developing effective content aimed at achieving each client’s career advancement goals. Since 2007, we have provided our clients and their referrals with optimal customer service and effective resumes.

All About Writing also partners with Self-Empowerment Coaching. LLC, to offer our clients expert career coaching, whether you are searching for a new career, a promotion, or clarity on what your next professional endeavor might be. For more information on our resume-career coaching package, contact me today!

- Christa


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