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What Questions Might I Be Asked at a Job Interview?

Updated: May 10

The interviewer will be looking to see how well you fit with the company and how you can bring success to the position, so each question you are asked has a purpose to clarify why and how you are the best candidate. Prepare yourself to answer questions about why you are looking for a new job, the available position, the company and its mission, how you can contribute to the company’s success, and your salary expectations.

Additionally, you will likely be asked to discuss a previous challenge or failure, how you handled it, the outcome, and what you learned; a time you received professional criticism or a negative response to something you did at work and how you resolved it; an example of your innovation and thinking outside the box and the results you achieved; your strengths and weaknesses; your personal interests; and how your hard and soft skills have led to professional success.

Familiarize yourself with the details of the job description and how it aligns with your aptitudes and previous successes. Also, research the company and talk to current and former employees (if possible) to prepare your responses. Be sure to arm yourself with some questions of your own about the company, position, short- and long-term deliverables, and work culture, as well as what it takes to attain success at this position.

- Christa


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